Solartran develops innovative solar hot water systems (SHWS) with the objective of reducing cost so as to address the problem of very low uptake of SHWS in Australia, one of the sunniest climates, having in excess of 8 hours average direct sunshine per day.

Innovative approaches developed include (1) downward heat transfer by steam, (2) air to water heat exchange, (3) parabolic concentration and (4) plastic collectors.

A description, with illustrations, of the downward heat transfer by steam development may be viewed at

The patent on this concept,  Australian Patent 770892, "Water heater with vapour phase downward heat transfer", originally assigned to QUT has now been re-assigned to Dr Ian Edmonds, 12 Lentara St, Kenmore, Q 4069, Australia. Ph/Fax 61 7 3378 6586.