SOLARTRAN Pty Ltd     ACN  120 714 427  ABN  89 120 714 427

12 Lentara St, Kenmore, Brisbane, Australia Q4069, Ph/Fax 61 7 3378 6586,


        Laser cut panels :  (LCP), light redirection panels used in windows and skylights.

        Heat reflecting glazing : reflects sunlight while maintaining good view.

        Angular selective skylights : light redirection devices used in skylights and light pipes.

        Channel panels :  optimum light redirection panels for windows.

        Light guiding shades : (LGS), external window shades with zero glare natural lighting.

        Solar hot water : innovative systems aimed at low cost

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        Northern Water for Brisbane      NEW:  Murray River Drought Mitigation   NEW: GLOBAL WARMING paper

        Balloon Engine Paper in Renewable Energy       Balloon Engine        NEW: Geo-engineering dams

       Heavy load transporter    NEW: Radiant heat reflecting cape for bush fire protection